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Hi~! My name is Carla, but I also go by Karasu which has been my nickname since I was 14 :) You can call me either.

I know my gallery/art is in poor form at the moment, I need to draw more and get some commission examples up. Anyhow.

::FAV ANIME:: Shingeki no Kyojin, Magi: Kingdom of Magic, Devilman the Rebirth, Getter Robo Armageddon, G Gundam, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon & Crystal, Gurren Lagann, Hagaren, Naruto, Majutsushi Orphen, Gokudo-Kun Manyuuki, The Slayers all seasons, Bakuretsu Hunter, Space Dandy, and soooo many more :B

::FAV CHARACTERS:: Levi Heichou, Sinbad, Morgiana, Judal, Ranma (Boy Type), Doitsu/Germany, Akira Fudo (Devilman), Domon Kasshu

::Anime OTPs:: Sinbad/Jafar, Sinbad/Judal, Germany/Italy, Kakashi/Older!Sakura, Domon/Rain (G Gundam)

::TVs:: X-Files (sooo excited for it's return!), Constantine, The Strain, Z Nation, Monty Python's Flying Circus ... I really don't get hooked on TV shows anymore, seems like the ones I love tend to get canceled :\

::TV OTPs:: Mulder/Scully all the way.

::FILMS:: Hellraiser 1-3 (I have aways loved these series so much. Clive Barker is a genius.), Stargate (the original movie not the spinoffs), The Wicker Man (the 1973 one), Dune, Poltergeist, Kill Bill 1&2, Pulp Fiction, Dogma, The Night Porter, all the Monty Python flicks, Aladdin, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Great Mouse Detective, The Lion King, Hercules...I really love Disney TwT


And Esmeralda :P

::MUSIC:: gothic rock, post punk, new wave, neofolk/apocalyptic folk, martial industrial, jrock, jpop, 70s-90s rock, industrial, second wave industrial (like Skinny Puppy, Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks), triphop, chillout. early music (pre-1600's classical) & neoclassical/medieval

::HOBBIES:: cooking, baking, crafting, bitching, sleeping

Primary tools for arting - I usually draw with the iPad these days since I no longer have a desktop. Hard to color with a mouse when you have no place to put it o.o

Programs - On iPad, I use Adobe Ideas & ArtStudio. Otherwise I use Photoshop7 for touchups.

I wish I could do more traditional art but I find I lack the energy or motivation.

Anyhoo, that's me :3

I return Llama's 100%! (yes, I realize that is an Alpaca.)

My OCs


Who is indeed a male :)

Take My Hand by FANARIS Rainy Evening by FANARIS Only Dreaming by FANARIS Ivan by FANARIS

My first real original character, created when I was 14. <3<3 Most of my pics of him are so fricken old, I should draw more.


More about him soon.
Zorah looking sassy by FANARIS

Yep, he's a male. XD

Ina Jumpy by FANARIS Cutie Ina by FANARIS

Admired Art!


Vincent Valentine .NSFW optional. by sakimichan commission: Aegon by jinzilla firefly by CKJohnson Under my skin by nairchan Ranma by xxcrossmaniac Slayers - WE ARE SLAYERS by piku-chan

99 Facts Meme

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 17, 2015, 8:22 PM

---------• × • A L L A B O U T | M E • × •-------------

Name: Carla
Single or taken: singleeee 
Gender: female(ish)
Birthday: April 24
Sign: Taurus
Hair color: Naturally Dark Blonde, purple atm
Eye color: Hazel green
Height: 5'2''
Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: I would have to say straight since I don't find women attractive anymore. Like, ever.

 --------------• × • S P E C I F I C S • × • -------------------

What kind of shampoo do you use right now?: Garnier Fructis. it is blue.
What are you listening to right now: "She Said Destroy" by Death in June
Who is the last person that called you?: nobody calls me! NOBODY! But that's fine cuz I hate phones :D
How many buddies are online right now?: dunno.
-------------• × • F A V O R I T E S • × •-----------------

Foods: A good, juicy, rare steak.
Girls names: I don't even care lol
Boys names: uhhhhh "you lil shit" maybe?
Subjects in school: Ahhh....I did not have one. They were all kind of terrible. Lunch, maybe?

----------------• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •-------------

Given anyone a bath?: When we were kids I washed my cousin's hair and got shampoo in her eyes...does that count?
Smoked?: smoked from age 16-18, smoked pot once when I was 21.
Bungee jumped?: No but I think I would try.
Made yourself throw up?: I was bulimic from 14 years of age
Skinny dipped?: no
Ever been in love?: No
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Probably. Definitely.
Pictured your crush naked?: Yuss >:3
Actually seen your crush naked?: nuuu.
Cried when someone died?: When my Grandpa died, I was a freaking mess.
Lied: who hasn't? O_O
Fallen for your best friend?: nooooooooooooooo
Rejected someone?: yes.
Used someone?:
Done something you regret?: of course.

 ------------• × • C U R R E N T • × •---------------

Clothes: I'm in my jammies now.
Music: "Coloring Nocturnal Lemons" by Ataraxia
Smell: nothing.
Desktop picture: Sinbad from Magi.
CD in player: nothing
DVD in player: Candyman
----------------• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • × •----------------------

You touched: Mom
Hugged: Mom
You IMed: katanachan earlier
You yelled at: my cat Lengoe
You kissed: I kiss NO ONE

---------------• × • A R E | Y O U • × •---------------------

Understanding: To an extent, yes
Open-minded: I am well-balanced in that area, at least I like to think so.
Arrogant: not really
Insecure: Oh lawd. So much.
Random: Middle English, succession, surge, from Anglo-French randun, from Old French randir to run, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rinnan to run
Hungry: nope, just ate dinner.
Smart: harrr
Moody: VERy
Hard working: depends on what
Organized: organized chaos :)
Shy: YES
Difficult: YES
Bored: yeah.
Obsessed: I choose carefully the things I obsess over.
Angry: yes :(
Sad: often
Happy: sometimes.
Hyper: Not so much anymore.
Trusting: Depends how I feel towards a person after meeting them.
The same gender as you are internally: I do experience dysphoria. I hate this question O_O;

---------• × • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • × •--------

Kill?: why the fuck would I let anyone know that omg
Slap?: Here, I have a list....*unrolls list a mile long*
Get really wasted with?: Eh. I'm usually just at home when alcohol-ing, and I never really get that wasted.
Get high with: The one time I smoked pot it was with my cousin & her BF. I had a pretty good time, actually, even though the pot didn't really affect me. I was mostly drunk off my arse XD
Talk to offline: mom
Talk to online: I don't do a lot of talking
Sex it up with: No
------------------• × • R A N D O M • × •---------------------

In the morning I: wish I felt rested.
Love is: I do not know!
I dream about: tornadoes, bears, fights, things chasing me
Romantic preference: I prefer men who are a little older...not that much but you know what I mean.
What do you notice first in the gender you're into: everything lol

 ---------------• × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • × ---------------

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi Max
Flowers or candy: I can't eat flowers, dipshit.
Tall or short: Taller than me, which isn't hard cuz I'm 5'2''.

---------------• × • W H O • × • ---------------

Makes you laugh the most: friends
Makes you smile: see above
Gives you a funny feeling when you talk to them?: wut?
--------------• × • D O | Y O U | E V E R • × •-----------------

Find yourself thinking of the person you like for a long period of time?: I actually haven't "liked" anyone in a REALLY long time, so no.
Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to message you?: nooo?
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Well yeah, I mentioned the gender dysphoria earlier....
Wish you were younger: yes. I just turned 30 and I HATE IT
Cry because someone said something to you?: Yes, I cry real easily. Unfortunately.

 -----------• × • N U M B E R • × •--------------

Of times I have had my heart broken: Never in a romantic way. Friends have hurt me badly in the past, however.
Of hearts I have broken: Uhh a couple I guess. Because I wouldn't go out with them. Repeatedly.
Of guys I've kissed: 0
Of girls I've kissed: 0
Of CD's I own: I have a CD book thing that's about 4/5 full.
Of scars on my body: I have a few!

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Kammer Sieben - Burning Butterflies
  • Watching: Nightmares
  • Drinking: Diet Mt Dew


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Check out my stamp account!

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But most importantly...
Lubricant Stamp by Kezzi-Rose



 photo a8d1a4decbfc22e94244a69f4e60e8ae9a58ed95_m_zps507f6652.gif


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